MD sales schedule guide.
Date : 2022.05.06
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Hello. This is Bizent.
MD sales schedule guide.

Please note that the MD will be on sales.
Date : May 9, 2022 5 p.m. (KST)

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1) [Director's Cut] STAFF JUMPER
2) [Director's Cut] BADGE
3) [Director's Cut] PHONE TAB
4) [Director's Cut] PHOTOBOOK
5) [Director's Cut] ID CARD SET

[Notice about Changing CC]
* The Modifying Receiver’s Information will be processed during the pre-order period. Contact us via e-mail with your [Name/Order No./Change Address]

[Notice About Cancellation]
* Please check that you cannot cancel the order after the period. Contact us via e-mail with [your name/order number]

* The term “Preparing for the delivery” means that your products are being packed and the delivery information is being released. If you try to change information after the period, every process will be canceled.

Thank you.