New direction of MD' business, BIZENT

BIZENT plans designs, manufactures, and distributes the artist's MD products.
All parts related to the product are conducted one-stop.
Through direct management by experts in each field, it reflects the customer's NEEDS and TREND.
We offer high-satisfaction products at reasonable prices.
It is also a design and product manufacturing company that not only produces RBW's artists
but also OEMs/ODMs of external artists and corporate MD products.

Creative & Useful

BIZENT''s MD products do not pursue All New alone.
It's typical and practical, but it pursues novelty in it.
Breaking the prejudice that MD products are for possession,
We produce products that can be useful in the real life of customers.

With Artist

Not only the official MD products, but also the products designed by the artist.
and special items that you selected yourself!
It provides a space for fans and artists to get closer.


BIZENT is about character making, printing, molds, electronic devices, etc.
Product planning/design/manufacturing/distribution/certification/ logistics management.
By establishing a total system, we produce and provide high-quality products
in the direction that companies want.


A new direction in the MD business, BIZENT

The Bizent logo symbolizes B of BIZENT in the shape of a heart,
It is designed to put the top priority on the excitement and satisfaction of customers.

Violet, the representative color, means a mysterious and noble color.
It contains the meaning of trendy and high-quality products.