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Delivery information
● BIZENT's release preparation date (invoice work and packaging work) is 1 to 4 days.
(Holiday and holidays are excluded when calculating the period, and order completion is based on payment completion.)
● We will announce the delivery date for pre-order products separately.
(The scheduled delivery date will be sent sequentially according to the order of orders, and may be delayed due to heavy logistics.)
● Delivery may be delayed somewhat depending on the delivery company's situation. Also, the delivery period may vary depending on the delivery area.
● Shipment preparation starts at 11 a.m., so it is not possible to modify or cancel recipient information.
(However, the deadline may change during the event, so please refer to the notice.)
● Cancellation of order can only be accepted by e-mail with [Order Number/Name/Contact].
● If there is no order number, it is impossible to modify the recipient's information or cancel the order, so please fill it out and register it.
Exchange and return information
Please contact us by filling out the order number together by e-mail before exchanging and returning.
If there is a problem with the received product, please leave a picture so that it can be read by Bizent mail within 7 days. Please refer to the information below when you send it.
1. Product defects such as delivery errors, damage, and defects: In case of product defects or misdelivery, exchange and return are possible within 90 days
from the date of receipt and within 30 days from the date of knowing the fact, and please leave a picture for reading.
2. The outer case is a protective agent to protect the product.
(Mild scratches, discoloration, and wrinkles of the case cannot be exchanged or returned.)
3. In the case of damage or damage to the product due to customer carelessness, it cannot be exchanged.
4. If the package is opened or the value of goods due to damage to the package is significantly reduced, it cannot be exchanged.
(including DVDs and albums released by users, books, and must-read magazines and video pictorials in a short period of time)
5. Fine scratches and wrinkles on gifts (posters, photo cards, specialties, etc.) are not subject to exchange or refund,
and in case of severe damage, only in stock can be exchanged. Please understand that it is difficult to resend in case of inventory exhaustion.
If you have any other questions about exchanges, please contact the phone number below.

- Inquiries about exchange:
If you ship it without a pre-exchange application, it may not be exchanged or returned.
Exchange/return procedure.
Along with the reasons for exchange (defective product, case where the contents of the order and the received product are different, etc.),
Please register your name, contact number, order number, invoice number, and photo at
I'll check and help you with the exchange.

Exchange (refund) procedure: After checking the mail, receive the product ▶ collect the product from the customer ▶ arrive at the head office ▶ re-send the product after checking the product (or refund)
(However, a simple change of mind may incur shipping costs.)