Notice about the delivery of [MAMAMOO] MY CON MD and the modification period of
Date : 2023.01.27
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Notice about the delivery of [MAMAMOO] MY CON MD and the modification period of recipient information

Hello, this is Bizent.

We are informing you about the delivery of  [MAMAMOO] MY CON MD and the modification period of recipient information.

* Receiver information correction: Can be modified by 11 p.m. on JAN 31, 2023 (Tue)
- Service Location: Bizent Mall > My Page > Order Details Inquiry > Change Shipping Information in Shipping Information Button
- If you want to modify the recipient information, please correct it within the period.

* Shipping schedule: sequential delivery from February 1, 2023

Please understand that the delivery is a little delayed from the original notice because it takes a lot of production due to the large amount of pre-booking.

Thank you!