MAMAMOO+ ACT.1 SCENE.1 delivery notice
Date : 2023.03.30
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Hello, this is Bizent Mall.

MAMAMOO+ ACT.1 SCENE.1 delivery notice as follows.

Products from those who purchased MAMAMOO+ ACT.1 SCENE.1 at Bizent Mall during the pre-order period will be shipped sequentially from March 30th today.

Since we deliver a lot of products sequentially, the delivery may not be checked in the network system even after the invoice is entered.

The delivery will begin after April 7th for those who purchase Limited. after March 14th, and for those who order the regular version and Limited. at once, also will be delivered after April 7th.

Also, please do know that the delivery starts next week for those who purchased albums after pre-order period.

Thank you.