[MAMAMOO] Delivery schedule of OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK ver2.5
Date : 2023.05.03
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[MAMAMOO] Delivery schedule of OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK ver2.5 

Hello, this is Bizent.


We are informing you about the delivery schedule of [MAMAMOO] OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK ver2.5.


As previously announced, the delivery procedure began on April 28th, 

and MooMooBong shipped the US volume first to arrive before the concert.


Please check the tracking code on <My Page>

because the code has already been uploaded since the shipping has already started.


And delivery from buyers outside the United States will be completed by next week. 

(it doesn’t mean you can receive sticks by next week)


And the sticks of some lucky purchasers from 2nd pre-sale also shipped with the volume of the 1st pre-sale. 

So please check your EMS tracking code on MY PAGE

<Second Pre-sale schedule of the Mamamoo’s Lightstick>

* 2nd Pre-Sales Shipping schedule: May 17, 2023 (US Priority sequential delivery)


* Shipment preparation started, so it is not possible to modify or cancel recipient information.


Thank you!